Rebuilding Schools to Make them World Class Education Centers

Our non-profit has been actively involved in relief and recovery efforts following the devastating 2015 earthquake. We are rebuilding 8 schools in Sindhupalchok district, like the one in the picture which was built by Nepal Green Tara Foundation.

Activities Completed

1. Permanent School Building at Shree Ganesh Lower Secondary School built by Nepal Green Tara Foundation
2. Semi-Permanent School- Bal Sudhar Primary School, Shree Paanch Pokhari Primary School, Shree Bachalamai Primary School
3. School Meal program feeding over 2000 young students June 2015- 2016
4. 5 new teachers hired
5. Teacher Training Program
6. Tailoring Training for 10 Community Women
7. Permaculture Training

Upcoming Programs

1. Bhotenamlang Community Center
2. Melamchi Environment Center
3. Teacher support and training
4. Continuing Ongoing Programs

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