EWT leaders have been training young survivors of traffikcing since November 2014. The vision is a long-term training program to provide them true economic empowerment.

Training Program

We started training a small group of women in November 2014. These women started their training with weekly hiking around Kathmandu Valley. The program included full-fledged support for all pre-requisite aspects like continuation of academic education, English language classes, daily and weekly training schedule, equipment support, diet support, health assistance, monthly stipend, office space, motivational and therapeutic meditation sessions. Once these basic needs were met, intensive outdoor program started to bring results.

Maya and Shailee then led them to three treks, twice to Everest Base Camp and to Paanch Pokhari in Sindupalchok. The women then designed their own short trek to Aama Yangri where they guided Nepali travelers. They then started leading hikes.

In the summer of 2017, three trainees earned their license as trekking guides. Starting September 2017, two have been working actively as trekking guides, guiding international tourist in the Himalayas.

Future Plan

EWT envisions continuing this program in a bigger scale. In the three years we went through several ups and downs experiencing a productive learning graph. We are now designing a two-year intensive training program to bring the same results in a more effective and efficient way.


"I was always confident in myself but I did not know how to use my energy. This made me feel insecure about my future. For the first time in my life I feel secure, financially confident and I know nothing can stop me"

-Ms Shrestha, 22

"This is a dream come true. For somebody who was denied even a normal childhood, I now put on boots, carry my rucksack and GUIDE people in the MOUNTAINS. I've found wings."

-Ms TK, 21

"Maya didi and Shailee didi always asked us to have patience. But there were times when I could not see any light. I would become doubtful. It took three years to truly understand my own potential. Before this many people made a lot of promises. But soon forgot. Many offered trainings for one month or few weeks. Now I understand, this is not a training program. This is somebody investing in my future to bring real results. I can now trust to invest in myself no matter how long this journey might be. Because this is true empowerment."

-Ms SG, 25